Garbage Collection

The Town of Bostic provides garbage collection services within the city limit for a monthly fee.  For additional information contact the Town Hall at (828)245-5108.

Effective July 1, 2024 monthly rate is $12.75.

  1. Trash must be in tied trash bags.
  2. Trash must be inside a can, not lying on the ground beside the can.
  3. Trash must be in a trashcan with a lid.  The lid must be on the trashcan at all times. The collector cannot have water coming out of his truck from wet trash.
  4. The trashcan must be kept clean inside.
  5. Trash must be at the curb.

The schedule for collection is:

                        Garbage:         Saturday

Any changes to the collection schedule will be noted on the monthly bill.

Please remember the garbage collector has regulations he must follow and unless the customers of the town do their part, he cannot do his job properly. It is your responsibility to follow the above rules.  If they are not followed, the collector will not pick up your trash.